History In The Park

The Macon County Historical Society is pleased to introduce its 1st annual "History In The Park", which will be presented on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, between 4pm and 8pm in Key Park. Local actors will portray seven historic Macon County residents in round-robin fashion. Tickets are $10 per adult, and $5 per student. Family purchases of four or more tickets will be discounted and available at the Society's office. Scroll down for more information.

Cast of Characters

Come join us on a walk through time with Macon County citizens from many walks of life and of surprisingly differing political persuasions. From politicians, to former slaves, to millers, to soldiers who fought on both sides of the Civil War, to flat out local characters: you will see, and hear, in a first person format, Macon County's rich history in a way that you have never seen it before!

History in the Park Tickets

Tickets for admission to "History in the Park" may be purchased through the office, or through PayPal using the "Buy Tickets" buttons below. Tickets may be purchased at the office for the regular price. Tickets purchased through PayPal will be mailed, and there will be an additional handling fee.

Ticket TypeThrough the OfficeThrough PayPal
Adult Ticket$10.00$11.00
Student Ticket$5.00$5.50
Family TicketsCall 615-688-6247-

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When purchasing through PayPal, remember to check the shopping cart to make sure that the number of tickets desired is correct before clicking the "Check Out With PayPal" button. Note: PayPal will process any credit card purchases. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to order tickets.

Adult Tickets

Adult tickets purchased via PayPal are $11.00 each to cover handling fees. Adult tickets purchased at the office are $10.00 each.

Student Tickets

Student tickets purchased via PayPal are $5.50 each to cover handling fees. Student tickets purchased at the office are $5.00 each.

Family Discounts

Family Discounts are being offered for a purchase of 4 or more tickets. Call the office to arrange for a Family Discount.