Macon County, Tennessee
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Society Website Policies

The Society's website is open for all to visit. For interested parties, the Society has posted its various website policies regarding Cookies, Privacy, and Terms of Use.

Website Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

In the context of computers and the Internet, Cookies are small files that contain technical information about browsing activity. Whenever someone visits a website, the website's server sends a Cookie to the device that is being used to access the website. The device will store the Cookie in a file that's located within the visitor's web browser.

When the website is revisited, the website will use stored Cookies to respond to the visitor in a more personalized way, such as remembering certain data, providing faster page load times and so forth.

How are cookies used?

There are many types of Cookies. The ones more frequently used on are for performance purposes, or to enhance the visitor's experience.

The other type of Cookie being used is one that temporarily keeps track of items that the visitor might place in a shopping cart. If Cookies are being blocked, accurate tracking of items in the visitor's shopping cart may be disabled. This collection process is temporary and the related information is removed once and order has been submitted to the credit card clearing agency.

Those are the only two types of Cookies used on the website. No personal information is collected for use in these Cookies.

Privacy Policy

Each visitor's privacy is important to the Macon County Historical Society. This website does not request or collect any personal information.

The Society website uses a third party credit card clearing agency (PayPal®) to process payments and donations made via the website. No credit card related information is collected or stored on the website.

Terms Of Use

The Macon County Historical Society's website,, is free for viewing use by anyone. In viewing this website, visitors relinquish and waive all claims of liability against the Society, its officers, members, employees, providers, subcontractors, clients, agents, or any other entity which may be connected with the Society. Other than for the purpose of viewing the website via the Internet, none of the contents of the website may be used for any purpose whatsoever. No business will be conducted outside of the United States.